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We develop and manufacture high-quality measuring instruments for radiation Specific application. In addition to our personal contacts, we want you on this Website to present our products. You will also receive current Information on radiation protection.


Marinellibeakers and sample planchets are sample containers needed in nuclear measuring equipment for gamma-spectrometic analyses. Particularly in case of low level samples with low count rates it is necessary to have the sample volume positioned in an optimum geometry around the detector. In this way, the efficiency of the measuring instrument is improved to a maximum. This optimization of measuring geometry is achieved with a Marinellibeaker dedicated to sample volume and detector size. We offer you Marinelli beakers and sample planchets in various versions to attractive prices. Our Marinelli beakers can be re-used many times and thanks to their tight sample enclosure they are also appropriate for retain samples. Moreover, on request we can supply other sample containers, filters and filter holders as well as other accessories for nuclear measuring equipment.


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